The Ashes (England in Australia), 1974/75

Test #748, Australia v England at Perth, 1974-12-13

Australia won by 9 wickets

  • England  England 2nd InningsRMB46SRRating
    David Lloydc GS Chappell b Walker351801484023.65583
    Colin Cowdreylbw b Thomson41131967042.71644
    Mike Dennessc Redpath b Thomson2097661030.30307
    Tony Greigc GS Chappell b Thomson3258496065.31500
    Keith Fletcherc †Marsh b Thomson011000.000
    Alan Knottc GS Chappell b Lillee1832313058.06279
    Brian Luckhurstc Mallett b Lillee231361072021.50352
    Fred Titmusc GS Chappell b Mallett61108918067.031334
    Chris Oldc Thomson b Mallett4364485289.58799
    Geoff Arnoldc Mallett b Thomson4881050.0062
    Bob Willisnot out0200067
    Totalall out, 91.1x8 overs, 2.41 rpo293
    Fall of wickets
    0-52* (Lloyd), 1-62 (Cowdrey), 2-106 (Greig), 3-124 (Denness), 4-124 (Fletcher), 5-154 (Knott), 6-156 (Lloyd), 7-219 (Luckhurst), 8-285 (Old), 9-293 (Arnold), 10-293 (Titmus)

    Dennis Lillee22.0x855922.01519
    Jeff Thomson25.0x849352.791187
    Max Walker24.0x877612.38125
    Ashley Mallett11.1x843222.16574
    Doug Walters9.0x841701.4220

  • Australia  Australia 2nd Innings (Target: 21 runs)RMB46SRRating
    Ian Redpathnot out1222212057.14708
    Wally Edwardslbw b Arnold083000.000
    Ian Chappellnot out1112710157.14693
    Total1 wicket, 3.7x8 overs, 4.45 rpo23
    Fall of wickets
    1-4 (WJ Edwards)

    Bob Willis2.0x80803.00334
    Geoff Arnold1.7x801516.00540